Geotechnical Engineering

Landfill Geotechnical Engineering

SME provides geotechnical engineering support to its internal projects, private and public clients and external consultants. Our geotechnical services include the following:

  • Slope stability analyses for highway embankments, dam impoundments, landfills, and shorefront properties;
  • Subsurface investigations and laboratory testing of soil and rock materials, landfill wastes and hydraulic barrier systems to quantify permeability, groundwater condition, shear strength, and compressibility properties for use in project design and performance evaluations;
  • Evaluation of landfill configurations and cell development plans with respect to foundation and infrastructure settlement and waste deposit slope stability during the operational, closure and post-closure phases.
  • Evaluation and design of innovative systems to optimize the storage capacity of existing solid waste disposal landfills without significantly increasing the solid waste footprint size.
  • Evaluation of proceudres to stabilize soft, high water content waste materials.
  • Design, construction oversight and QA/QC testing of slurry wall containment of contaminated groundwater.
  • Inspection/evaluation of water storage dams, flood control levees and operating waste disposal sites.

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Inspection, design and permitting assistance, conservation commission interactions, public meetings, and oversight for coastal land-slide mitigation.
  • Cover design and construction support on soft, high water content waste materials, such as lagoons, impoundments and sediment sites.
  • Soil borrow pit and rock quarry identification, permitting, and assessments.

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