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Company Overview

Sevee & Maher Engineers, Inc. (SME) was formed in 1985 and currently employs approximately 40 engineers, scientists and technicians. A profile of SME's professional personnel can be accessed by clicking here. Since inception, SME has provided landfill, groundwater, hazardous waste and environmental engineering services to public and private sector clients throughout the United States, as shown on the map in blue.

SME Maine Office

Over the years SME's services have grown to include other civil engineering and infrastructure related services. In the late 1980s SME began a relationship with the largest water utility east of the Mississippi. This relationship continues today in New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, where we provide various water supply and water resource-related engineering services. SME also specializes in commercial/industrial site development and civil engineering design (i.e. roadways, embankments, pipelines, drainage, etc.), geotechnical investigations and geotechnical evaluations for foundation design, stormwater planning and permitting, water and wastewater treatment design, and industrial environmental management.

SME Georgia Office

SME Georgia Office

The goal and philosophy at SME is to provide each of our clients with extraordinary value through competitive rates and timely, high quality work. Our corporate philosophy has led to development of excellent rapport with our clients, as well as State and Federal agencies responsible for environmental permitting and enforcement. We believe that our depth of technical expertise, communication skills and straight-forwardness have been responsible for our clients' continued success with projects involving regulatory issues.

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